Thursday, July 5, 2012

new york, new york

Ben and I went to NY last month and had a amazing time. It just might be my favorite city. I usually travel to the big apple a couple of times a year for work or to visit friends - but it was a lot more fun going with my love rather than traveling alone. We walked all over the place, visited the MET, saw a show on Broadway, and ate amazing food. In a city like New York, it is so easy to be vegan. 

So, here were some of the restaurant highlights...

pala pizza:
Gluten free wood-oven pizza? yes! I got the Etna pizza made with vegan cheese, tomato, and eggplant. For dessert, we split a gf vegan apple tart. The restaurant has a whole list of gf pasta dishes in addition to the pizza, and they use Daiya cheese which is soy free. I will definitely be going back whenever I'm in the city. 

pax wholesome food:
Pax is a chain restaurant with convenient locations close to Central Park, Broadway, and mid town. Their salad bar has the biggest selection of toppings and dressings & comes in two you know I got a large. They also have fresh squeezed juices. This is a great place for a quick and inexpensive meal. 

cafe lalo:
Remember the scene in "You've Got Mail" when Tom Hanks realizes that his email love interest is Meg Ryan? Well, that cute restaurant she's waiting in to meet him is Cafe Lalo. I've been here numerous times to enjoy their decadent desserts and pastries, but I was pleasantly surprised to find they have a great gf and vegan menu, too. When traveling to NY, you must go here!

yaffa cafe:
If you're looking for a unique restaurant with an amazing outdoor patio, Yaffa Cafe is the place to go. They are open 24 hours and their menu features several great salads and vegetarian options. Located in the lower East Side, it was within walking distance to the apartment we were staying in. The service was great, the food was even better, and we loved it. 

An entire bakery dedicated to gluten free, vegan desserts... is this a dream come true? Not only is this bakery incredibly cute and quirky, they have amazing treats. I got this banana coconut donut, but I also had my eye on the rosemary lemon coconut cookie. It's not everyday that a vegan can chow down on baked goods. 

one lucky duck:
This restaurant is all completely raw vegan and has so many delicious options for gourmet vegan food. Their take-away menu makes it easy to get raw food on the go. I got the falafel with tabouleh and tahini/spicy dipping sauce, walked a block to Union Square Park, and had a nice picnic. 

What are your favorite places to go in New York? 

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  1. and what a lovely time we had! my absolute favorite was cafe lalo, but all of the above are definitely benny approved! well done, love.

    life is better with a buddy.