Saturday, March 31, 2012

this fruit is excellent

Papaya is my new favorite fruit. This morning, I'm having a mono-meal breakfast of half a papaya. I'll save the other half for dessert later. Go get you some - its delicious!

Papaya has tremendous health benefits, too. I love it because it supports the cardiovascular system and it encourages the renewal of muscle tissue while alleviating inflammation. Papaya is great as a post-workout recovery meal. It also boosts the immune system and helps support the digestive system by breaking down proteins and producing enzymes. It is very high in Vitamin A, which can help lower the risk of emphysema. This fruit is excellent.


  1. but you've forgotten the seeds and skin. must not waste those babies.. the seeds and the skin are the most nutritious part of the fruit. fermented skin is outrageously healthful. research-- you'll be amazed. a lovely fruit indeed.

  2. oh! good point! but, how do you eat the seeds?