Tuesday, September 18, 2012

cleanse america 3!!!

Want to join me and 1,000,000 other Americans in a 10 day cleanse? (hint: the answer is YES!)

I am so excited about this next round of Cleanse America and I would love for all my friends and family to join me. The wonderful Paul Risse has put together an e-book full of recipes to make this cleanse as simple as possible for you. Joining the Cleanse America community will also provide you with daily support, videos, and information from some of the top raw food leaders in the country. You will feel great, jump-start your health, and get rid of all the sludge and toxins in your body. If you want to feel the best you ever have, join us! 

me. you. and 1,000,000 other Americans

The guidelines are simple. For 10 days you will be eating a 100% raw foods diet (Level 1) and/or following a liquid diet (Level 2) of juices, smoothies, tonics, teas and soups.

Friday, September 21 - Sunday, September 30

your kitchen, your belly, and CleanseAmerica.com

for your health! for your life! for your happiness! for your energy! for your family! for you!

You will follow a completely raw food diet for 10 days. This can include raw food meals, smoothies, and/or juices. Sign up at CleanseAmerica.com and receive an ebook with 60 recipes to inspire you and guide you in the cleanse.

Go to CleanseAmerica.com for the full details. Sign up, join the community, and get the ebook. The website is a wonderful tool that will really help you through this - especially if you're brand new to the raw food world. 

I will be posting daily with my meals and exercise activity so you can follow my cleanse. 

So, who is with me???

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