Monday, April 23, 2012

mercy for animals

I don't want to spend too much time getting "preachy" through this blog. Instead, my goal is to encourage you with fun recipes that will make a vegan life simple and exciting. But, today I feel like it is worth noting a little more on why I no longer eat meat.

It started as a calling into better health after my dad got cancer (read more about it here). But the more I researched on the meat industry, the more alarmed I was at the amount of animal cruelty that is involved. Short and simple, it is disgusting and I want no part of it. How was I so blind to this for the 25 years of my life? The truth is, I think most Americans are just ignorant to it. So much of it is kept secret, it is very difficult for us to learn what happens in factory farms and slaughter houses. We've grown up loving and trusting brands like Tyson and McDonald's. Why would we think otherwise?

Mercy For Animals is an organization that is doing a lot to expose the American meat industry. They work hard to get undercover footage with the hopes of educating us on what we are contributing to by eating meat. This video focuses on the achievements of the organization from the past year. I hope you can read more on my About section and follow the links on that page for other resources and links to documentaries.

This video below is very hard to watch - just warning you. I'll be honest, I only watched about 1 minute of it and that was enough. I'm only posting because I believe it is so important to be aware of what we are eating.

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